Sottile Canal Stormwater Park & Herndon Swamp Restoration Weirs

Bathtub Beach Restoration Design, Permitting, & Construction Administration

To improve water quality in the Sebastian River and the Indian River Lagoon, the St. Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD) retained Taylor Engineering to develop conceptual and phased construction drawings for a stormwater park located on a 295-acre SJRWMD-owned parcel. Conceptual designs for the park included storage ponds, impoundment areas, pumping stations, weir and culvert structures, and wetland creation areas. Taylor Engineering secured the Environmental Resource Permit for the project.

The site provided an ideal opportunity for stormwater treatment and wetland restoration. The stormwater park captures runoff from Sottile Canal, a major regional drainage canal, into a million-cubic yard storage pond with a weir discharge structure. Pumping stations direct flow into two impoundment areas that allow significant settling of suspended solids to improve water quality. The impoundment areas discharge into wetlands created along the Sottile Canal. Wetland enhancement includes exotic removal and replanting. A second storage pond collects runoff east of the property and outlets directly into the Sottile Canal at the south end of the property.

Four structures (three weirs and a road crossing with culverts) create pooling areas along the Herndon Swamp ditch, a smaller canal running through the property. These pooling areas, along with re-graded overbanks, create a linear wetland feature along the ditch and provide further natural wetland habitat that links to the Sottile Canal wetlands at their confluence. The conceptual plan indicates a future elevated walkway and path for park visitors to enjoy the waterfall effects created by the weirs.

Taylor Engineering completed final engineering design for the Herndon Swamp Restoration Area including three concrete sheet pile hydraulic control structures, culvert conveyance, and wetland planting. Following completion of design, SJRWMD engaged Taylor Engineering to provide construction phase services for the Herndon Swamp weirs. Additionally, Taylor Engineering provided engineering design for the primary pond’s ogee weir control structure.